How I got here
from Bellaire or
An abbreviated
personal history
since graduating High School

The Rusted Knight's Realm
Links where your mouse can
make a difference
in a child's life


Some of my
favorite pictures

Pictures from
Bellaire 1968

Pictures from the Nov 2009
Combined Reunion of the
'68 & '69 classes

Pictures from
the '68 Carillon
page 1

68 Carillon
The Senior Class

68 Carillon
The Junior Class

68 Carillon
The Sophomore Class

68 Carillon
Clubs, Groups & Orgs.

66 Carillon
Entire Yearbook

Pictures from my
Downs Productions
Jars Of Clay
Rebecca St. James
Rachael Lampa
ZoeGirl and
many others

Larry's (the Rusted Knight) Page
James 2: 14-26

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