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the Senior Class

Bellaire High School Class of 68 class picture

This link is to my scans of the '68 Carillon
68 Carillon Page 1
68 Carillon The Senior Class
68 Carillon The Junior Class
68 Carillon Clubs, Groups & Organizations

These are my personal photos

Diana Jorda

Ellen McClatchey

Margery Oldfield

Margery Oldfield

Some Birdkeepers and Gail Collins

Ellen McClatchey, Martha Bates Letzerich,hidden by Martha's feather Peggy Pressly

Bill Henderson,Nancy Susman Dinerstein, Marsha Miles Meinhart

Gail Collins, Sally Ballard Ellis, Martha Bates Letzerich

Diana Jorda, Betsey Sheffield,Marty Campbell, Peggy Kuntz

The Band and The Belles

Butch Kamps,Steve Radack,Bruce Smith, Pete Belcher,in back Steve Leeson

Tony Walters 

      Sharon Schmetter  class of  '69 

James Kilpatrick ('69) with flag, Norman Davis in front of Bill Bradbury

Dennis Howard, Mark Meinhart

Mickey Giles, Ellen McClatchey


??, Mickey Sullivan, Bill Collier in back

Harlan Andrews

Tom Rogers

Gonzalo Ceruti

  Jo Whyman Monday, Mike Wilson

Marcy Wolfram Zewan

Marcy Wolfram Zewan


?,?,Steve Willis

Barbara Scott Wilson

Bruce & Barbara Wilson

Sally Parr and  Pat O'Rourke

?, Ann Richardson Werme, Kathleen Robinson Dees

Kathleen Robinson Dees, (headless Bob Dees), Susan Harris, Ellen McClatchy

Kathleen Robinson Dees, Ann Richardson Werme, Peggy Pepper, Pete Belcher

Patty Hiberg, Bob Wisecup,
Mavis Hagerman Wisecup
Mavis passed on10/16/2001)
Bob has also passed

Lee Parish

Beckie Parish


Lucky Guy








 Robert Abbott

 Robert Abbott

Reid Riggins & ?? 




These next pictures are courtesy of Steve Leeson a friend and fellow classmate


 John Parlette, Ted Thorson

 Me and Jean Keller after the prom


these are from a trip to KNUZ radio station 

Ellen McClatchey, Bill Henderson, Marge Oldfield, and ?

Marge Oldfield and Ellen McClatchey

Ellen McClatchey and Bill Henderson

Linda Mueller,Don Mauro,Steve Ainsworth

Steve Ainsworth,Don Mauro

Joe Martin, Butch Kamps

Coach Alborn gives a few pointers

a little bragging


Feb 6, 2000
Larry W. Wilson
all rights reserved

  I've added a new page of pictures that were extracted from an 8mm movie shot
by Marge Oldfield's father, L.H. Oldfield.
The image quality isn't very high but they still bring back memories.
Many thanks to Marge for her generosity

the pictures