Downs Productions presented


in concert
March 22, 2002 at Tyler Metro Church

opened the evening

Bill and Karl of ApologetiX grooved to the background music while quickly
re-arranging the stage for their performance

then Josh of KVNE introduced ApologetiX

First J had to change his shoes
(don't try this at home, this stunt is being performed
by a professional under carefully controlled conditions)

J. demonstrates his own shoe removal techniqueJ. demonstrates his own shoe removal technique
..... actually, this is a side effect of having to listen to
secular music . Think about it - J has to learn the words and music so he can
write ApologetiX's parodies of them .....

a hundred faces, and a hundred voices to match. J. did an awesome job of imitating
voices, mannerisms and singing styles.

Karl put on a show all his own

this young lady wasn't buying ANY of what Karl was saying

Keith on bass and Bill on drums cut up all night long. There was so much going on
up on the stage it was impossible to see it all.

our audience

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Downs Productions
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