What an incredible human being. eLI gave everyone a day and night of inspiration, both in his music and testimony, testimony that was brutally honest and at the same time laced with humor. I have heard people referred to as "the real deal". Truer words could not be spoken of eLI.

Beginning at The Scroll Christian Bookstore and continuing at Rose Heights Church of God, despite a day that stretched into a full 24 hours without stop, he kept on until everyone who wanted an autograph, to witness, pray, play the guitar for him, or just visit with him had done so. It was a privilege to be in the presence of so much grace.


here is a pictorial record of eLI's trip to Tyler
note: (just for Mike) click on any of the pictures below to see a larger image


eLI started his day in Tyler at The Scroll where he spent some time signing autographs, doing a live remote with Mike Harper and Tricia Anderson of KVNE radio, taking pictures for a fan and grabbing a hug from Tricia



At Rose Heights, our buddies from KVNE opened with a trivia contest where Mike triedtto stump the intrepid Tricia with trivia questions about eLI Eyes blazing she never missed a question he finally got the better of her by CHEATING, demanding she spell the dreaded word "corduroy"

Our audience

the Concert (notice our own Terry Downs slipped in to play a little bass guitar)

some of our staff at the merchandise tables


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