eLi was here for another concert on Sept. 14
he particpated in Lindale's "See You At The Pole" Wednesday morning 9/18
he gave a "Saw You At The Pole" concert in Lindale that evening

Saturday at The Scroll in Tyler
once again David Rooker graciously opened his doors and allowed us to
do a live radio spot

Saturday night at Rose Heights Church of God
Peculiar People opened the concert

then played backup for eLi

my favorite folks - those who come to be blessed

Monday noon at the KVNE studios
eLi did a live DJ spot on KVNE on Monday
shown here are the (in)?famous Mike and Tricia of KVNE and Kieth, eLi's road manager

See You At The Pole
Wednesday morning found eLi at Lindale High School, just being a part of the
prayer time and giving his support and prayers for the kids

Paul Baloche dropped by to meet eLi for the first time
Pieter Cilliers of FUMC Lindale, Keith, Paul and eLi

Wednesday evening, eLi invited Paul to share the stage for a
"Saw You At The Pole" concert that became a prayer and worship time

a few of his fans pose with eLi

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