The Geoff Moore Concert
November 10, 2000

Bryan Grant of Green Acres Baptist Church
opened the evening with a prayer then

introduced Tricia Anderson of

Trish introduced Geoff
then tried a little directing
and uh 1 and uh 2 and - hey, where did everyone go?
" OK guys, pay close attention now"

Performing with Geoff were Roscoe Meek who is touring with him
and Shawn Stroope and Daniel Nelson who came in for our concert

these guys put on the concert of the year
singing, playing, and worshiping

The Green Acres super staff.
"Thanks, all of you. Your work added a lot to the success of the evening" - LWW

Roland Gaines talks to some people about
Compassion International

our audience all had a great time

this collage by Keith Godfrey
photos by Keith A. Godfrey
Geoff showed just how much class he has, meeting with these
youngsters from Jacksonville Christian School after all the autograph signing and visiting was finished.
He sang them a song and then posed with them

Terry's family
my new buddy

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