The Mitch McVicker Concert
March 10, 2001

Many thanks to our good friends at The Scroll for opening their doors and hearts as
Mitch, Brad, Joe & Mark put on a mini concert

and posed for some pictures with some young (and not so young) fans

Mitch did an on air spot on KVNE

and brought Tricia Anderson a special birthday present
this is a pickled pig's foot

a few of the fans who enjoyed the Scroll's hopitality

and the concert at Green Acres

the "Main Event" was held at Green Acres Baptist Church
who once again went out of their way to support
Downs Productions and our music ministry

Brent Hoover and Hans opened the concert
Their performance was as powerful as any I have witnessed,
both in their music and Brent's testimony.

then Mitch and the guys took over

and really put on a show


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