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Selah was at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler, TX on March 25, 2000.

Here are some of the pictures from the concert

"For His Glory" opened the concert

Terry closes their set with "Thief" by Third Day

who wouldn't get a little red eyed standing next to Tricia?
Tricia Anderson of KVNE tests some audience members
knowledge of Selah. Everyone who answered Tricia's questions received a CD.

Nicol sings a song from her upcoming solo project
Allan, Nicol and Todd - the pictures speak for themselves

some of our staff members hard at work

Todd and Nicol with some of the audience

good sports
Todd and Alan listen to Nicol
our most important people

an "old friend" of Todd's
(I missed the first hug and had to "make" Todd give her another one for this picture.)

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