Watermark was with us for two concerts

at Central Baptist Church for
"See You At The Pole Pre-Rally" 
at LeTourneau University in Longview

text from the Rocketown web site, Watermark page:

"The name "Watermark" has several definitions that have become quite challenging to us:
"A mark of ownership…a symbol of authenticity…or a
translucent impression that is only visible when held up to the light.
It is our desire to think of Christ as an impression on the lives-a lasting
impression, one that marks our lives with His. It is our heart to be a
WATERMARK to those around us, leaving lasting impressions of
Christ wherever we go.

I believe everyone who attended these concerts does indeed have a new
"Watermark" on their hearts - Larry

Pictures from Jacksonville's Central Baptist Church
"See You At The Pole Pre-Rally"

a little pre-concert action

this is what everyone was grabbing for - free T-Shirts

Kelvin Reed opens the evening with a prayer

Chris, Rachel & Amanda enjoy the concert

on the right is Janne Sainio,
an exchange student from Finland

Aaron Stewart & Terry Downs
monitor the sound board


The LeTourneau University concert

Ken McKinney from Teen Mania opens the evening with a prayer

Tricia Anderson of KVNE introduces Watermark

baby Noah made a short appearance

here's a real maestro of percussion instruments in action

our audience

LeTourneau's staff
a special thanks to all of you for making our job so easy

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