These are some of my favorite pictures

How I got here from Bellaire or
An abbreviated personal history
since graduating High School

The Rusted Knight's Realm
A place where your mouse can make a difference in a child's life

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Some of my
favorite pictures

Pictures from
Bellaire 1968

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these bees didn't mind that I was only inches away
the Cecil B. Day butterfly center at Callaway Gardens in Georgia
praying mantisVinegaroon ( Whip Tailed Scorpion)walking stickflower of the touch me not plantthis bug was crawling on the leaf of the touch me not with the fuzzy pink flower it's amazing what you can see when you get up close
these humming birds fought over the feeder all summer
wild Crocus, Blackfeet Indian Reservation, northwest Montana
East Texas ice storm
East Texas in the Fall
sunset in Galveston with my son Dave
East Texas sunset
7 lb rainbow trout  fishing in Montana  

West Texas skies
Lake Livingston Lake Palestine
Colorado rainbow shot by Jason and Shi Garrett


Feb. 6, 2020
Larry W. Wilson
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